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 My name is Ari (she/they)! I created this website as an effort to reclaim my identity. I've felt for a long time that I wasn't myself anymore and I didn't think that I could get that back until recently. The design of this website is based on Phoebe Bridgers' album Punisher.

 Some facts about me:

  • I have a degree in web design & development
  • I like to crochet
  • I married my spouse in October 2022
  • I have a small collection of creepy dolls, figures, and puppets. Anything like that. If it looks haunted, I want it.
Portrait of a sheet ghost
Site Updates


I know it's been a while. The crochet page is responsive now. I haven't been feeling like working on this. I got into Fortnite, though.


Finally updated the music rec


Both Bratz shrines are now DONE!


Swapped pet for ideas note thing temporarily because I have so much floating in my head.


Posted a new journal. Merry Christmas, everyone.


Yesterday I updated my website to use more semantic html and em for fonts. I still have a lot of work to do as far as accessibility goes but I feel a lot better about everything now. I did forget to make the splash page responsive, so I'm going to work on that now. After that I'll probably get back to work on one of the unfinished parts of my website.


I made a webring for fiber artists! Check it out here!


Sooo I've been working on gathering content for the Bratz: Rock Angelz shrine I'm working on. When I'm done with that I'll move onto Bratz: Forever Diamondz


I added the link to my Spotify playlist! I know, 16.5 hours long. It's like I like music or something. It's definitely a made-to-shuffle kinda playlist. I also started working on a webgarden. It's looking pretty good, but I have to sleep on it and I don't currently have anywhere to put it or a greenhouse at the moment. I suppose I'll add to the nav again.


Went back and added lazy loading to images in the favorites page. I, uh.... did not think about how it was loading images for each individual page all at once. It's much faster now.


I'm alive! Crochet page is updated to new version! I think it all works! Edit: I also updated the favorites pages. Both this and the crochet page are now single-page which is a huge relief.


Journals page updated to new format. As always, let me know if anything is goofed


About page now up!


NEW HOME PAGE! Currently old links will go to old versions of pages until I finished up their new looks, sorry it's confusing! Now that I have the base done it shouldn't take too long *sweats*


Updated with splash page v2. Not many changes but did some floaty magic with my ghost and added a warning. Going forward I'm removing the CRT filter.


Filled out patterns page. More will be added in the future. Made crochet pages responsive.

7/29/2023 - 7/30/2023

Made crochet home page and started my crochet gallery. Still need to add patterns to the pattern page.


New journal posted


Podcast page was filled


Also filled out video games page. Same as music, I feel like I'm missing things


I filled out my favorite music page! It took SO LONG and I know I'm missing several albums still


Added link to music rec


Separated out TV shows and movies and added podcast page in favorites


Added images to journals


Wrote my first journal!


Filled out favorite books & movies/shows pages


Created favorite things subpage layout


Made journals pages & favorites page responsive


Completed journal page functionality


Filled out about section


Added hit counter


Added buttons marquee and empty footer

7/11/2023 - 7/13/2023

Built the homepage!

Music Rec Album cover for The Tiny - Close Enough. In black and white, a woman looks toward the camera with her head angled to the upper left. A cellist and bassist stand behind her.

Second Time Around - The Tiny